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In one year, I was able to achieve my weight loss goal with Better U Today. Now that I am much healthier, I am hoping to donate a kidney to my mom. I can’t thank Better U Today enough.

Jessica Lost 110 Pounds

Follow Jen’s amazing journey, losing 130 lbs so far.

“The Better U Today system is evidence based on sound nutritional and scientific strategies to support long term weight control. The problems of overweight and obesity affect our entire society and detract from the health and well-being many people and their families. I am very happy to support Better U Today in providing real world solutions to healthy eating and improving health.”

– Dr. Rick Lindquist, MD –

“The Better U Today system is an evidence based approach to weight loss and weight maintenance. The team at Better U Today provides personalized plans and weekly coaching to help clients reach their weight and wellness goals. I am happy to support the Better U Today mission of helping individuals improve their health and wellness through diet and lifestyle support.”

– Megan Moore, RD, CSOWM, CLT, CD –

Success Stories

A Message From Cam Cleeland!

Meet Sam!

He’s down 50lbs. You can hear his story in the video.


Meet Jake

Down 70lbs!

Meet Rebeekah

Down 27lbs!

Meet Tony

Down 60lbs!

Meet Sam

Down 50lbs!

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Why it Works

Personalized Plans Just For You.

Custom Meal Plans
Everyday you will have a combination of great tasting meal replacements and one meal you cook for yourself.
1 On 1 Coaching
Weekly one on one coaching to review your progress, educate you on nutritional choices, and make plan changes to ensure you are optimizing your weight loss.
Behavior Modification
Making a lifestyle change means behavioral changes. Our coaches will work with you to understand what is working or not working for you and how to overcome any barriers to achieving your goal
Whole Body Vibration
The whole-body-vibration machines helps accelerate your weight-loss and health improvements by improving your balance, reducing arthritic pain, improving vascular flow.

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