Frequently Asked Questions

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I have looked at other weight loss system before, can you tell me how the Better U Today Program works?

Now more than ever we have learned health-through-nutrition, diet and exercise are the keys to a long-term quality of life. Better U Today is committed to providing our clients with weight loss systems that provide professional assistance to reach your weight goals. People lose weight fast and efficiently with our nutritional coaching, weekly check-ins, nutritional food products, nutritional education and accountability.

  • We track your body composition on a state of the art InBody scale.
  • Provide 80% of your daily dietary needs.
  • Have you eating small, frequent meals daily.
  • You will sit with a nutrition coach every week.
How many meals a day do I eat on the Better U Today system?

Every day you will have a combination of great tasting meal replacements we provide and 1 “U Meal”. What’s a “U Meal”? A “U Meal” is a meal you shop, prepare and cook for yourself; within the parameters Better U Today provides. The rest of the day is filled with various great tasting meal replacements. A typical day on the program would look like 4 Better U Today meal replacements and your “U” meal. Your system and meal plans are individually tailored by your personal coach to fit you BMR.

This program sounds amazing and exactly what I need, can you tell me what it costs to get started?

Every Better U Today system is customized to meet your needs and goals. This makes every system different. We take into account your weight loss goals, health history, lifestyle, and body composition to determine your system cost. Please call (833) 850-8856 to speak to a health coach and schedule an initial consultation. 

I do not enjoy exercising; can you tell me the requirements around exercise and the Better U Today program?

Better U Today is a quick, efficient, highly adaptable system that is tailored to the individuals needs at any level of fitness: from the couch potato to the occasional jogger, the tennis player to the weekend warrior. At the easiest beginner level, and on the extra-lazy days, you simply follow the Better U system laid out by your expert health coach and watch the weight melt away. At first that may seem impossible, just too good to be true but it is true! While the exact ratio of weight loss does depend on your efforts, at Better U Today we are here to help you not only achieve your goals but to succeed them. At every Better U Today location we have a knowledgeable staff with training and education in fitness and nutrition. We have teamed them together to create great routines that can be done in the gym at home or even work!

I noticed your locations are only in the Northwest but I live in Dallas, can I do the program remotely?

Absolutely, our mission at Better U Today is to help people live their best quality of life all over the US. This means we have created a system for people no matter their geographical location. We will send one of our sophisticated, high tech scales, provide you with all the protocol and procedures and send food directly to your door on a by-weekly or monthly basis. We will coach and support you from the comfort of your home each week via the phone, text, email and Skype. You will receive everything our in-office client experiences and lose the weight just the same.

I am a vegetarian, does your program address my dietary needs?
Yes, absolutely. All of our products can be customized towards any dietary restrictions and allergies. We do require you to cook one “U” meal a day with 4-8oz of protein, this can come from a number of vegetarian and vegan options we outline for you that keeps it easy and fun in the kitchen.
Losing weight and getting to my ideal body would be awesome, but once the system is over, am I on my own to maintain the weight loss?

There are “exact” secrets, so to speak, to successful long-term weight loss for a lifetime. The reason I say secrets is because 75% of Americans are overweight and or obese. Coaching and support are essential for the average person to successfully slim down into their ideal/healthy weight and then maintain that weight loss-for a lifetime. To keep lost weight off, Better U Today helps you understand your body composition and provides you all the tools along your journey to have a full bag of tricks once your ideal/healthy weight is achieved. At the completion of your weight loss system you will be provided with lifestyle weigh-ins for as long as you desire and at no charge. In addition to our lifestyle system we also provide a unique experience with a evolution phase for our clients who need that extra emotional support during their transition into whole foods and their new and improved body. The successful client who embraces their personal decision to change their mind is at an extremely high probability to be successful and to find their process of slimming down fun, exciting and certain.

I have Type 2 Diabetes, is your program designed with my health condition in mind?
A healthy diet is the key factor to prevention of pre-diabetes and diabetes but recently, individualized care rather than a “one size fits all” approach has been steadily adapted. According to The Centers for Disease Control, in 2016, more than 29 million Americans, or approximately 9% of the population, had diabetes. Of the more than 29 million, 21 million were diagnosed, and 8 million were undiagnosed. Another 86 million American adults have pre-diabetes, the precursor to type 2 diabetes. Shocking, isn’t it? That number is only going way up as more of our population becomes overweight and obese. Almost 90% of people living with type 2 diabetes are overweight or have obesity so it’s pretty clear that the key to reducing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes is through weight control including diet, nutrition, and exercise. At Better U Today we realize no one loses weight in a straight line and we take all health and lifestyle situations into consideration. Our weight loss program is based on the obesity and clinical science foundation of weight loss and our goal is to help our clients fight this trend.
I am a 32-year-old Female and would like to lose 30 pounds, how long would that take on the Better U Today system?

Dear 30 pounds to lose, you have came to the right place. 85% of our body composition is diet related. Better U Today will put together a unique and individualized dietary protocol specific to your individual metabolic needs. Starting today you have the potential to lose anywhere from 2-3 pounds a week. This means reaching your goal in less then 3 months! Your weight gain issue can be corrected. Come into one of our offices and fill out a health intake form, one of our coaches will put you on our state of the art InBody scale and tailor a system that is just right for you!

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