Losing weight is simple right? Just move more and eat less, sounds simple enough.  It is that simple, but if it were that easy 69% of Americans wouldn’t be overweight. Unfortunately, the SAD (standard American diet) style of eating coupled with a sedentary lifestyle has caused our nation to become embarrassingly overweight and unhealthy.

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Imagine 2 people, one thinks short term and the other thinks long term.  The two people want to see the view of the mountains better.  They both get the idea to walk up the stairs of a building to get a better view.  Person #1 walks up one flight of stairs, gets a little winded, feels their legs burning and stops at the 1st floor to see the view.  The view is ok and it didn’t take that much work.

Person #2 knows that if she gets to the top floor that the view will be breathtaking.  Person #2 doesn’t mind the burning in her legs as she climbs or the heavy breathing, because she knows that when she gets to the top of the 20 floors it will all be worth it, and she isn’t bothered by the pain and suffering.  All she can think about is how great that view is going to be, she even picks up her pace as she gets closer.

Most people are like person 1 putting in a little effort to have a little bit of joy. The really successful people in this life are more like person #2 as they view life through a different lens and with a unique perspective.

 If you ask person #1 about their experience they may say,” it sucked, I hate sweating and the view wasn’t even that great.”

Person #2 may say, “that view was awesome, but I wonder how the view looks from that taller building over there”, not even noticing the pain associated with climbing the stairs because they are focused on the long-term reward rather than short term pain needed to get there.

Let’s all be like person #2 and make the short-term sacrifices needed to achieve long term success and happiness.

I hear a lot of people saying things like, “I’m just not motivated to lose weight”.  I believe that it is less about being motivated and more about just not executing the tasks necessary to achieve the end result.

Losing weight is more about cooking, grocery shopping, doing dishes, planning meals, and tracking your calories and weight.

Too many people get caught up in trying to find some magical diet, pill or workout instead of focusing on the behaviors that will get them closer to their goals.

Many people expect results too fast, and underestimate the amount of hard work and consistency it really takes to make a behavior change and improve their health.

I like to take on the way of thinking that most people are doing the best they can with the knowledge they have.  Many people just aren’t sure who to trust when it comes to health, exercise and nutrition.  The government regulations say to eat your whole grains, your friend from work says going keto is they way to go and your sister is convinced that the vegan lifestyle is the best path for success.  Not to mention your co worker who praises CrossFit and paleo, or your cousin who says to just track your macros on an app and do some flexible dieting. 

Who do we believe? Logic and reasoning can go a long way but it is important to note that some things are counter intuitive and may not make sense logically, yet scientific studies have opened our eyes to the truth. 

If someone is giving your health advise a healthy balance of it making logical sense amd having some scientific evidence backing it. Then give it a try and see if it works for you.  You will never know if something really works if you don’t give it an honest try. 

I try not to get pulled to far into one side of an issue, I believe that the best situation is somewhere in between all the different approaches, aka the golden mean.  Much like life, losing weight is a lot about making the right decisions over and over again.

Set weight loss goals with Better U Today coaches

Here are some main focal points that I think we can all benefit from focusing on to improve health and be at healthy weight and body composition.

  • Understand that the number one thing you can do to lose weight is to be in a calorie deficit
    • This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to track your calories, but if you do track your calories accurately this will greatly improve your chances of success
      • Once you have tracked your calories for months or years you will learn to eyeball things and estimate and you will intuitively know how much to eat.
  • Move your body
    • You can undoubtably lose weight without exercise, but your diet will be very low in calories and all though you will make progress first, adding exercise to your routine will help you continue to lose weight and eat more food while still losing weight.
  •  Weigh yourself regularly
    • You don’t want to develop an unhealthy relationship with the scale but you can’t improve what you don’t measure.
      • Weight is an easy thing to measure and all though measuring bodyfat or blood work may give you more insight into how your body is really changing. As your weight goes down it is likely that your bodyfat will go down and your blood work will likely improve as well.
  • Set some short- and long-term goals
    1. Focus on the daily tasks that will help you achieve your short-term goals
      • Example: rather than focusing on how bad you want to lose 20 lbs, focus on the tasks of eating what you planned to eat and getting your 30 minutes of exercise each day.
        • Hitting these checkpoints consistently will lead to achieving your short term and eventually long-term goals
    2. Long term goal – lose 20 lbs in 10 weeks
    3. Short term goal – lose 2 lbs per week                                        
      • Tasks – eat 1500kcal/day + 30 minutes of brisk walking

Often times we think too short term rather than long term.  Sure, this salmon and broccoli doesn’t taste as good as chic filet, and going for a walk isn’t as fun as vegetating on the couch watching the bachelor.  Sometimes you just have to do the thing that you don’t want to do in the moment knowing that it will pay off down the road. 

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