Success Stories

Join the 20,000+ people who have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds utilizing this diet plan to achieve their healthy and ideal weight.

Meet Amber!

Age: 22

Starting Weight: 190.1 pounds

12 weeks in: Down 39 pounds!

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Meet Rebekah!

Age: 23

Starting Weight: 178.4 pounds

10 weeks in: Down 27 pounds!

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Meet Tony!

Age: 43

Starting Weight: 318.4 pounds

14 weeks in: Down 60 pounds!

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Meet Patrick!

Age: 43

Starting Weight: 250.7 pounds

16 weeks in: Down 53.8 pounds!

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Meet Bobby!

Age: 35

Starting Weight: 303.4 pounds

27 weeks in: Down 76.1 pounds!

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Social Media Shy

Age: 20-70

Not all clients are willing to be social media stars, but that doesn’t stop them from saying GREAT things, like:

“The staff was excellent to work with. Both Samantha and Braden were super helpful and the location was extremely convenient. I love the body composition analysis machine and was very eager each week to see my body change.” – Sara

“I finally jumped in and thank God I did! The staff is awesome there! Samantha, Braden and Melissa have been so awesome to work with and I look forward to getting on the scale every week.” – Yolanda

“I gave Better U a try to see if I could lose the extra weight that I’ve been holding onto since my daughter was born. They have great people that are there to help & support you reach your goal. I lost the 15 lbs and have completely changed my approach to food.” – Johna

Take that Diabetes!

Age: 55

Starting Weight: 132.5 pounds

10 week program: Dropped 17 pounds!

“I was diagnosed with diabetes type II two years ago. I’ve tried to lose some weight both on other diet programs and on my own. Nothing worked. My A1C results has always been the same and my weight stayed the same as well.
Since going on the program with Better U Today and after eight weeks, I lost 17 lbs, my A1C results have decreased and my doctor has reduced my medications in half! Being on this program has made me feel so much better about myself. I am determined to reverse my diabetes because Better U Today is a program that I believe in. ~ Tammy

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Not all of our clients are willing or interested in allowing us to showcase their success, so we need you!

If you want to lose weight and be willing to show the world your success, then we are willing to provide you a social media discount. Inquire during your initial consultation.

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