Success Stories

If you do it for yourself there is no better motivation.


Lost 30 Pounds

In one year, I was able to achieve my weight loss goal with Better U Today. Now that I am much healthier, I am hoping to donate a kidney to my mom. I can’t thank Better U Today enough.


Lost 110 Pounds

I’m a real estate agent, and losing 114 pounds has made my job a lot easier. Thank you to Better U Today and all my coaches for their support.


Lost 114 Pounds

Through this weight loss journey I’ve gained confidence in myself. I was even able to lose an additional fifteen pounds in my first semester of college.


Lost 70 Pounds, Lee "Mom" Lost 35 Pounds

Meet Jake!

Down 70lbs in 20 Weeks

Meet Rebekah!

Age: 23

Starting Weight: 178.4 pounds

10 weeks in: Down 27 pounds!

Check back for updates!

Meet Tony!

Age: 43

Starting Weight: 318.4 pounds

14 weeks in: Down 60 pounds!

Check back for updates!

Meet Patrick!

Age: 43

Starting Weight: 250.7 pounds

16 weeks in: Down 53.8 pounds!

Meet Bobby!

Age: 35

Starting Weight: 303.4 pounds

27 weeks in: Down 76.1 pounds!

A Message From Cam Cleeland!

Meet Sam!

He’s down 50lbs. You can hear his story in the video.

Meet Jake

Down 70lbs!

Meet Rebeekah

Down 27lbs!

Meet Tony

Down 60lbs!

Meet Sam

Down 50lbs!

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