Why It Works

The Better U system is specially formulated to work based on the science of obesity treatment, using high-quality protein-filled meal replacements, portion, carbohydrate and calorie control principles in daily meal planning. This combination allows the body to achieve favorable fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass.

The Food

Everyday you will have a combination of great tasting products we provide and 1 “U Meal”. What’s a “U Meal”? A “U Meal” is a meal you shop, prepare and cook for yourself; within the parameters Better U provides. The rest of the day is filled with various great tasting meal replacements.

Behavior Modification

Making a lifestyle change means behavioral changes. Our coaches will work with you to understand what is working or not working for you and how to overcome any barriers to achieving your goals. If interested, you will be provided introspective and meditative audio recordings that will help guide you on your path to a Better You!


Each weekly visit is your opportunity to sit down with our trained coaches to review your weekly progress, educate you on nutritional choices, make plan changes to ensure you are optimizing your weight loss. The killer of all weight loss plans is travel, holiday’s and other social gatherings. Don’t worry, our coaches will help you navigate those and show you that you can be social and still lose weight. 

Whole Body Vibration

As part of your weekly check-in, you will have access to our state of the art vibration technology. The whole-body-vibration machines helps accelerate your weight-loss and health improvements by improving your balance, reducing arthritic pain, improving vascular flow. A quick 15 mins on our machine and you will feel the difference!

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